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1. You will learn about the marketing strategies & concepts that have allowed me to build 2 separate multi-million dollar businesses.

2. You will get the latest strategies and information about what’s working now in the affiliate marketing industry. 

I invest heavily in mentorship, training courses, and learning high-income skills to stay on top of what is working right now. I share all my secrets and strategies that are working with my 7-Figure business with my subscribers so you can implement them yourself to get fast results.

To start our relationship right…let me tell you a little about myself and what I have done online.

Seriously, I am not doing this to brag but to show you that I am someone who knows what he is talking about and is someone who can TRULY help you get to where you want to go (like I have done for many others).

So…here is a bit about me.

I have created two multi-million dollar businesses.

  • Every day, on average, I hit $10,000 – $20,000 in revenues (these are consistent income and not coming from a launch or anything). In 2022 I made $4,000,000 +
  • I am in the top 1% of affiliates and have made millions doing affiliate marketing, not just millions selling courses on how to do it. (I practice what I preach)
  • A few of my students have gone on to make millions in their businesses, while many others have become 6 figure earners (and are on track to the million-dollar mark). 

Plus, there are many others who (after getting my training) have made their first commissions online and are currently pulling in $1000s – $10,000s in their business (all of them are excited about the endless possibilities in their business).

You can see just a small portion of my students getting my $10k, $50k, $100k, and $1 million awards here. Many of the six and seven-figure earners you see online in the affiliate marketing world have gone through my coaching programs and learned to create wildly profitable businesses.

I enjoy life fully. I travel all over the world and live in both the Philippines and America, and this business has provided my family and me with a life I could have never imagined when I got started.

It’s been a crazy fun journey in the last few years, and I’m beyond thankful to God that I’m blessed with the ability to provide for my family without needing to have a boss or be tied to a physical location. 

Many say I have achieved amazing results, and while I admit my results have been extremely good, I humbly request you….NEVER EVER limit your mind to thinking what I have achieved is the maximum anyone can go in their online home business. There are guys who do way better than me, and I am looking to 10X – 100X my income, and I am going to take my students and followers along with me. While my story looks like I live the dream right now…it wasn’t like this a few years back.

There is a good chance you might think that I am now going to present a fake rags to riches story. 


I have gone through the EXACT same problems that countless others experience when they start their online business.

I know what it TRULY feels like to struggle online.

The fact that I went through crazy struggles and overcame all of them is one of the MAIN reasons why I am able to connect with my prospects and customers at a deeper level.


  • A few years back, I was desperate to build my own business.
  • Didn’t have much money. 
  • I was $50,000 in debt from a drunk driver hitting me.
  • I was aimlessly searching online for solutions. 
  • Many opportunities looked great (at first), but nothing really worked out.
  • Anxiety. Stress. Confusion. Information Overload.
  • Things were bad, but I had two things in my mind:

1. Told myself I wouldn’t lose hope & have faith in God and push through.

2. I also told myself I need to find the right strategies that work because mere hope is not going to solve my problems

We pushed forward slowly and steadily over a few years; I learned how to build an online business from scratch, grow it steadily and then scale it up like a madman. And then, I kept investing in my knowledge on how to take my business to the next level and beyond, and that resulted in massive growth in my business.

You see…my focus on core concepts and the right strategies allowed me to become this successful.

And that’s what I taught all my students and followers, and they soon started hitting some pretty good numbers (I can’t tell you how much I am proud of them).

Now I want to go to the NEXT LEVEL

We want to increase our SUCCESS STORIES.

Setting an ambitious goal to create 100 Millionaires in the next three years. We already created many 6 figure earners and around three millionaires (till now), but I want to get that number to 100.

That would result in tons of transformed lives, massive goodwill in the marketplace, and establish my name and brand as the ULTIMATE TOP DOG in the industry. So that way, everyone gets to win, and I am super excited about this project!

That is why I created my brand new program, Passive Affiliate Profits, and it’s so affordable anyone can get started for just $7.

What’s Inside Passive Affiliate Profits:

1. Step-by-step training on how to make $3,000 to $10,000 commissions without needing to create your own products or websites or personally sell anything yourself in as little as 27 days.

2. Access to an unlimited supply of high-quality traffic that converts without spending a cent on paid advertising.

3. 7-figure automated scripts to close high-ticket commissions that have generated millions of dollars in sales.

4. High-ticket offer checklist – Follow our high-ticket offers checklist that will allow you to partner with millionaires and promote tested offers that countless others have used to generate income online.

5. Access to my proven multi-7-figure sales funnel that sells high-quality products that can make you $1000 + per sale.

Here are the type of results I generate daily following my system:

And I’ve already shown you a handful of my successful students above. 

Some of them have made millions of dollars by now.

I make it easy for you to get fast results by modeling everything I do, and I give you a battle-proof and tested plan to follow.

I’m so confident it will work for you that I even offer you a lifetime guarantee if you’re not happy.

So go ahead and get started with Passive Affiliate Profits here! 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

And you are partnering up with a guy with a proven track record of success for not only himself but ALSO for his students.

So go ahead, click this link below, and get started.

So go ahead and get started with Passive Affiliate Profits here!


– Zach Crawford & Qael Yarek






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