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Is Organic Growth even possible with automations?

This is a question that many entrepreneurs in todays industry are beginning to encounter; is it possible to reach prospects just by a click of a button?

I want to share with those of you who are hunters of abilities and skills, technology that provides an advanced scope when prospecting clients.

What  Pepper has to offer in a trailblazing market of investment opportunity might be able to solve your problem and help save time.

Pepper is a Chrome extension that automates and integrates your Facebook messenger by using a CRM; this is a tool for entrepreneurs that are looking to create organic outreach for a specific product or service promotion. Pepper leads valuable conversations with interested prospectsby using automations inside of Facebook [without the dangers of being banned or penalized inside of the platform].

When doing outreach in the past I used to manually send friend requests to specific demographics of interests in order to start conversations with likeminded people.  So, keyword analysis was and still is very important for me, after researching about pepper, I found out that the time invested in such a repetitive process [sending requests] can be removed with a positive outcome.

You can send up to 50 friend requests on autopilot using targeted keywords that your prospects self-identify with from Facebook groups [where your ideal customers might be looking for answers] once they accept your friend request. This allows me automatically send a welcome message on anyone’s behalf using the prospect’s first name in a “Welcome” Message. This automatically is able to start the conversation with 20 potential prospects every single day…

Do you know what this means? Even when using a simple numbers game of probabilities pepper is able to deliver prospects by using a automated funnel.

So, I’ll be using this chrome extension and developing my keyword analysis when  doing outreach for clients. This is an opportunity of tending  new leads inside of pepper’s CRM every day; I’ll let you know how that one goes…

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