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Automations and integrations

Today was one of those days in which thinking about the clouds producing electricity was intriguingly reducing the time of a repetitive task I was performing.I know its a weird thing to say… but, if you think about it… every time the ecosystem brings together functionality it zaps everything around it with electricity!In other words, it’s like a zap of energy that is able to revitalize a dead beat heart with a trade of its token into life.So I wondered, how strong that principal can actually be? Specially when applied into business models as they build up the future into outreach; Developing around systems that are able to glide inside the data streams of the clouds is the scalable opportunity in this era that you do not want to miss!To be able to stand above the waters in time and space almost like a spaceship that is scaling inside of a matrix as it goes from one side of the stream to another; like API.

In this image I see a similar model of what the future will bring in the online industry, businesses that are adaptable, scalable and sustainable. Automations and sequencing are the mechanics of a proper digital ecosystem, a spaceship for workflow to happen, a digital master piece of zaps! 

Blockchain technology is already here, the way we should be thinking is tied up by our own limitations. Because of it, adaptability and stamina is necessary to overcome. A free market of integrations and developments invite entrepreneurs to build the ecosystems around our specific skills & talents, allowing the cloud to zap at a high level performance, pulsing high level connectivity into the electric streams of data interfaces… Isn’t that amazing! What a time to be alive!!

If you ever thought that business development would some day reach a level where zaps would integrate data and allow code sequencing to funnel ideal prospects into your business, you are alive in the right time.

Even the sentinel when used as a metaphor plays the part of a modern day spider bot crawling around these virtual articles and their digital structure in order to “qualify” and “gather data”  that is deemed valuable for “proper analysis”. 






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