Lead Management with Ecosystems

I have generated multiple appointments, and after a while, rates got at about $150 / booking deployed. To get to the point where all digital mechanics of it are printing out money for you, invest in leveraging an ecosystem.

Data Management & Scalability

Now, specifically when it comes to “META – Facebook ads”, there’s a filing (Data Management) technique that I like to follow and that I highly recommend you do to, as well as some other strategies mentioned below.

Filling named by 1-0-0-1  & A-B-C,

which is “1003A+G”.

Then beside the number, start by adding letters. Now these letters represent the hook, which is the first three to seven seconds of the video.

And we give each video with its own hook, its own ad set.

That way we can test side by side. And you can see right here, If we look at 1003,  B was decent.

$93.00 per lead.

G was $78.00 per lead.

If we also look at our appointment scheduling, you can just start to see what messaging resonates with your audience. What’s working that way? You can then take it and then use that type of messaging and try to Build off of it and make it even better. 

So to nail the head home again, 1001

Then you were testing multiple different hook variations, publishing each one within its own ad set, and then giving it its own budget. 

$93.00 per lead.

That way you can test them side by side and again, see what’s resonating with your audience.

A Winning Hook

So whenever we create a hook, I try to say the same thing in these following frameworks. And these are proven frameworks for hooks, by the way. So you’re going to try to say in a question, a statement, a statistic, a solution as a story.

Now, once you find a winning hook, You’re then going to come back into your script, and this is how I like to script my video

So whenever we create a hook, I try to say the same thing in these following frameworks. And these are proven frameworks for hooks, by the way. So you’re going to try to say in a question, a statement, a statistic, a solution as a story.Or some way, try to elicit an emotional response. So over time, as you continue to do this, you’re going to figure out what’s working in your market, in your industry, and your niche, you’re going to take that, you’re going to make it even better use tools like chat, GPT, and then again, take those ideas and then try to frame them as these seven points here.So this is going to allow you to test new books and just continue to drive new creatives. I want to show you the most value on his blog and a big appreciation for reading me. So here is some videos that I created [Click Here], honestly, the organic growth has been exponencial, and speaks for itself.So for example, lets say that you are a Dentist or working with one.

“Are you a dentist looking to sell an extra 20 to 30k per month in Invisalign sales? Now listen, I know you might be thinking, who is this kid and what the does he know about dentistry?”

Keep things short, I’ve actually been in the medical space for the last five years building out multiple client acquisition systems specifically ecosystems that help Nurture and retain leads for future sales process.

This is actually the exact system that teenagers used to sell an extra $46,500 in their first Eight weeks of using the system.

So if you’re looking to scale your sales processes, then I literally have the solution for you here, written out!. And what I want you to do is go ahead, hit that button to get a Free Evaluation and some SOP’s.

Call to Action – Form

So once that ad finishes, we then send them to a lead form on Facebook, where we take their name, email, phone number. And then we also have qualifying question on the front end at the last screen. We don’t send them back to Facebook or our website. We say, wait, you’re not done. “Click the link below too”. And then we use some sort of call to action.See if your market’s available, learn exactly how this offer works and get a free bonus, some sort of enticing call to action to get them to click off of Facebook and go to the next step, which then drops them to a funnel. So we’ve tested many different variables, and this is the exact funnel that converts very, very well for us.

Anywhere from 30 to 55% of conversions pending on the creative.

Strategy Calls Made Simple

So right at the beginning, you’re going to call out your target audience, state your offer, state your risk reversal.

We have a full refund. If we can’t actually get them more results again, yes, you’ll get this in writing.”

We then get them to schedule their free call, another call to action, and we give them a little bonus. This little bonus here has done fantastic in terms of increasing the overall conversion rate as well. And then I liked little rocking arrows, showing them down to that call. We then have some results in some case studies and some testimonials, as well as some FAQs.

And then again, at the bottom: “What are you waiting for?”Schedule your free strategy call, or if you don’t get more sales, you simply don’t pay. So that’s the overall funnel structure.

From there, we then send them to a landing page, where on that page, we then have a video. A lot of people ask me, why don’t you just do a VSL? I’ve tested a VSL versus this funnel.Specifically, this one absolutely crushes compared to a VSL. If you’re just starting, you’re obviously going to prioritize the volume of bookings rather than people going through the extra button. So I can see at a certain point, we might switch to the actual BSL, but right now, we’re still focused on overall volume.And this is really working for us. So, with that strategy, we then send them to a thank you page where it says we will be texting you to confirm this appointment. And then we also have a video there as well. Quick 3 minute video watching what we do, what it is you’re going to see on this call, and then just explaining our offer some more.

Booking with A.I. Automations

We then build out multiple AI automations where we train up the auto responder to follow up with them. We’ll say: “Hey, is this {{ Contact.First_name }}”? 

They’ll say: “yes”. 

We then introduce ourselves as the bot. And then we give them our guarantee, and our offer where we then say: should I send you the availability?”

“Yes that, that sounds great”. 

The bot will then go back and forth using multiple engineered prompts using zappier and going through available dates. And then it’ll indeed book that slot.

We then send them a confirmation where they can then respond. If they don’t however, respond to this confirmation, we’ll continue to hit them up up until a certain point where if they haven’t responded at all, then we’ll just cancel the meeting because we don’t need that person on our calendar.So now that the actual appointment is booked, let’s jump real quick into sales and just go over this table of contents on our sales script here.

So before the call, always record it.You always want to record your calls. That way you can go back and review the calls, get extra insights, see what’s working, see what’s not working over a long enough time horizon.It’s also good to build up training. Eventually you’re going to hire a sales team. And then we jump into a report, setting the frame and intentions where honestly, you’re just talking to them very quickly.

 You’re setting the frame that, “Hey, on this call specifically, my goal is to figure out more about your business.”

Key Performance Indicator

See, your guys KPIs are at, see if I can identify any bottlenecks again, because we have many different services and many different offerings that we can provide. And my goal is not to just come and try to slam something down your throat. Rather, I want to provide you with real value. 

“So it’s cool with you. We can jump into it. 

  • I have some questions.
  • It’ll help me get a better understanding.
  • And then we can actually tailor something specifically to your needs.
  • Does that sound good?
  • Yeah, absolutely.
  • Cool. And again, just to be clear, my goal personally is not to trap you in a corner at all. I’m both extremely super honest and open swing, but you’d ask me as many questions as you want and then just be open and honest with me as well.
  • Can I count on you for that?”


So again, you’re setting the intentions that you were not there to try to pitch them and sell them. You want to talk about their business. And then you were also setting the intention that it’s going to be an open and honest conversation.

From there, you then move on to the qualification where you ask your key qualification questions.

Higher Conversion Rates

For Higher Conversion Rates, ask the following:

  • How are you guys generating leads? 
  • What’s your gross volume in terms of sales? 
  • Where are you guys trying to go?
  • Is that worse compared to last year?
  • Your guys increased compared to last year, just trying to get a real good understanding and draw out pain that they’re currently at.

 I always love to ask as well.Why specifically did you book this call with me here today?

Sometimes you’re going to get people that are very honest at the beginning, and they’re going to tell you exactly what’s hurting, and then other times you’re going to get people that are full of shit and protecting their ego, and they’re going to say, well, I just wanted to see what did you guys offer?

Which you have been saying: 

Well, I’m assuming you probably don’t hop on calls with everybody to see what they’re offering. So, again, with all due respect, I want to make sure that I can serve you the best on this call. So, what specifically was the reason that actually pushed you to generate or to book this call?

So, again, you’re going to go through that qualification, the clarification and dig deep, start hammering out points. Figure out why they’re on this call, figure out how many lease generating sales appointments or whatever type of sales volume they’re doing and then try to identify the problem. Once you’ve identified the problem, you then label them with that problem.I always like to add an opportunity cost there as well.

  • You have this problem and you have this opportunity with your current infrastructure, and if you don’t figure out a way to get there, then you will not be able to make an extra 20, 30, 50 grand a month. A hundred grand a year, whatever that may be. Does that sound about right? 

This is a problem and I’m leaving this much money on the table.

“Yeah, that sounds right….”

So then you go overview past pain:

  • Have you guys worked with another agency before?
  • Have you done anything in the past?
  • Have you tried it yourself?

That way you can get any sort of bullshit objections…

You can specifically explain why you guys are different, etc..

You then acknowledge the fit and again, set the frame.

Cool. Mr. Prospect, based off of conversation thus far, me personally, I have no doubts that we can indeed help you alleviate X problem and generate X results.Now, before you go ahead and dive into the specific offer, I think would be perfect for you. Can I just take a moment to be honest with you?

They’re going to say, yeah, and then you’re going to set the frame again here. You’re going to say something along the lines of:

  •  Okay, cool. So I just want to mention how our call is going to wrap up here. So obviously I’m going to explain the offer, explain how everything works. And if you see the benefit and the value me personally,
  • I am going to lay a path forward on what the next steps for us working together would look like. So, can I count on you for a simple yes or no today?
  • Then you can at least address it there. If they say no and perfect, they’ve opened a clear path to give you a yes or no.

And if it’s a yes, let’s get started today at the end of the call. Once you do that, we then go into the pitch where we’re selling the vacation as Alex Harmosi loves to say.

Now, I like the simple FBT, which is a feature benefit tie down.

So the feature would be we run Facebook ads.

You’re going to be very, very brief here.You’re not going to spend a lot of time. The benefit is then going to be, you’re going to get pre qualified leads in your specific target market. We’re also going to put together retargeting campaigns. We’re also going to steal your competitors ads, whatever type of benefits you can associate with that feature. 

You’re going to list those benefits there, and then you’re going to hit the tie down:

  • Now, does that make sense for you?
  • Is that something that you would want for your business? 

If they say no, then that’s perfect. You end the call right there and you don’t continue to waste any time you need for them to verbalize.Cause if they continue to say yes, throughout the entire call. Yes. Yes. Yes. At the end, it’s going to be much harder for them to say, no, their head has been going up and down the entire time. I like to do about 3 to 4 features with benefits and tie downs where we then go into the pitch. And then if they have any sort of objections, we’re going to explain away their concerns.Again. That’s a nice thing. I did not come up with that where you’re just explaining where their concerns are being logical. You’re trying to. Just logically explain away their concerns and why it’s full of BS and then get them to a yes or no. Your goal is not to always force people on a yes as much as we want the yes.The goal at the end of the call is to get a yes or a no, because you are both on that call and you’re both going to talk about it like grown adults. And yeah, that’s the end of the sales process.

So honestly, right there, you guys have just seen A to Z how I done this entire thing for my first three months.And now we were able to grow multiple customers at the rate that we did..





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