The Power In Youtube Ads

Google Ads has 3 ways of making it possible-Google SEO [Niche & Keywords / “Organic”]-Google Display [Cookies]-YouTube AdsWith a strategy called “10-70-20”10% Traffic Google Display Network70% Traffic YouTube Ads20% Traffic SEO

10 Reasons why you should be leveraging YouTube ads

  • YT has 200,000 Million people watching videos
  • It is the 2nd most popular Social Platform [79% of Internet Users]
  • 8 of every 10 Entrepreneurs Use YT Marketing
  • 100,000 Million hours reproductions / Day
  • 18-44 year old’s are a 90% of users are in the U.S.
  • 62% of Companies use YouTube to publish content [Indexing]
  • 70% of users navigate using Mobile [30% are High Ticket Sales using PC]
  • 90% of YouTube Users discovers new products and brands
  • 500hrs of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YT
  • 90% of consumers come from YouTube

The 2 Best Types of Ads For YouTube– Discovery Ads* This happens after a search [Sponsored Ad]* Cost Per Click [Only when Clicking On it]* Appears like a recommended video- In-Stream Ads* 5 Locked In seconds to catch the attention of your prospects* Cost Per View [Only after 30 seconds are watched]7 Steps to Market with YouTube Video Ads– Apply Reverse Engineering- Select Your Product [Hotmart / JVZoo / WarriorPlus / MuchEye]- Create a Funnel For The Product- Create a Google Ads Account- Create a Channel in YouTube and Upload Video- Google Ads and Hotmart Integration- Create The Ad Reverse Engineering [What is it?]{Write down the concept}Hotmart / JVZoo / WarriorPlus / MuchEyePicking the productCreating Social Proof[Good Reviews & Branding]Make Your Offer[Don’t Sell, Make an Offer]Call To Action [CTA]






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