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Q & A with Brad Lea on LSVT

  • High Volume- High Turn Over Industries
  • International Exchange Reach 

[Min 3:30] < Light Speed Workflows>[Min 6:30] < Light Speed Sign Up> (Weapon #1)

LSVT Soldiers Making: 

10k-50k-100k/MonthHow Much Time? 

[What’s The Volume?]

Energy Input: 3 Hr./Day = 1.5k [6 Hr./Day = 3k] [8 Hr./Day = 5k/Month]*3Hrs/Day Setting Up *2-3 Appointments

*$1,500 In 30 Days E-Z & stack them up month by month.

<5k/Month> 1st CheckpointShowcase to 100 People for a 20% Conversion

<Achieve E-mail> Finish Training / Open Email To> [Min 9:30] 

Unlock The War Chest

  • Acme Demo System [This will allow you to Demonstrate Scalability]
  • Access To Tools  [Marketing & Closing Tools]
  • Proprietary sign up [Checkout HTML]

Remember The 2 Way Approach within :

  • MLMs [SOP’s & Developments]
  • Associations [SOP’s & Investment Growth Opportunities]
  • Businesses [SOP’s & Scalability]
  • Franchises [SOP’s & Promotion]
  • Manufacturing [SOP’s & Human Resources]
  • Digital Marketing Companies [SOP’s & Screening]

5 Min Demo with 3 Simple Questions:

  1. Do you think a trained employee out performs an untrained employee?Ok, and do you think if your employees were trained better they might perform better?
  2. Alright, that makes perfect sense. And if your employees perform better… do you think your company would do better?
  3. Alright, If I can show you how to do that For Less Than The Cost of Putting Coffee In Your Break Room… 
  4. Could I ask you to make a decision one way or another WHEN IM DONE with this DEMO?

When Seeing Demo & Automation to understand the logic the closing rate is 20% even if you suck at it.[50% if you are GOOD]. <MIN 14:00>

25k Set Up Fee Just To Turn It ON has been made void. <MIN 16:00>

Because they are staying longer due to a higher success rate. If the Business gets a HUGE BOOST they will start to think to themselves “This is the best investment I’ve ever made.” 

Call Them Up: “Hey [Name], I see you guys are kicking ass with the system, out of curiosity… what are you doing for [Skill] Training? // well you are not going to make that yourself are you? >>> Introduce to SKILL SHOP LIBARY <<< Entrepreneur Content.

”waging war against average”


Cancel ANYTIME Model:  “I want to work with you only if we are making you happy” [No Contracts]

Some Of The System Uses  [MIN 1:18:30] :

  • Prequalifying & Selling Services   [Multiple Interactivity Branches]
  • New Hire Applicant Training Modules   [Product Knowledge Filter]
  • Product Presentation & Upsells   [Ecommerce]
  • How To Anything   [Versatility]
  • Certification Tests & Scoring   [Certification & Promotions]
  • If you train lightspeed lightspeed will train the world

    Is it your plan to be the last one using it?

    • 90 Day System Try Out”How about we do this; how about you get going, use the system for 90 days.. if after 90 days you are not completely convinced that this was the best decision; cancel it and walk away, you’d spend more than that on a freaking dinner, this might actually improve your business by 20 to 30%.”

    Its not a matter of if its a matter of when

    • How much are you spending on your employees? 

    60k on 20 employees/month to be able to train them.Would you rather pay $200/month and have it or pay $10,000/month and not have it?[MIN 1:37:22]

    When Asked: “Hey, What do you do?” [MIN 1:40:00] 

    *Companies recoup 20-30% of revenue they did not know they were losing.*







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