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I am dedicated to solving health, wealth and mental labyrinths because of the passion for life invested in us. It has been a quest surviving the attacks of the control systems feeding off of our humanity. My body has been assaulted multiple times and my mind has been censored from sharing in the digital realms the spirit inside, the mission in wanting to uncover the findings for multitudes to find the answers has guided me here. Continuous attacks have broken me down in pieces and have brought my knees unto prayer. I then discovered ways of reaching those who are in need. Marketing has become a weapon, a bow and an arrow. This has has opened the door to comprehending the vast amounts of demographical interests within the keywords that embody the informational warfare. Reason why you are here.

Welcome to the path of QALatino

Book Chapters

The Awakening of QA'EL

Book Chapter

Ethereal Masteries

Book Chapter

Your Friend The Reaper

Book Chapter

Sun Gazing & Meditation

Book Chapter

Move forward into a season where you quietly acquire a belt of utilities that your superhero's persona will need when wanting to expand the multiple crowns within the mind that feeds on will power, your destiny.

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